President's letter


The pandemic has brought everyone into a complex situation, which knows no borders or limits of any kind. Its progress has been unstoppable and only now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with the arrival of vaccines. But not everyone can see this light, because in the crossing of this long tunnel, millions of people have lost their lives and even today many people are suffering the effects and too many are left by the wayside. My condolences to all the family and friends.

It is clear that society was not prepared to deal with this pandemic nor did it know how to prepare for it. The only effective measure at the beginning was home confinement. A defensive measure already used by ancestors in similar situations and which gave way to other measures, not so restrictive but also many limitations, more flexible or less, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, which have basically affected, the group manifestation of people as an indispensable fact for their spread. Thus, schools, culture, leisure, sports, religious, commercial and hotels and restaurants, have suffered severe limitations that have hindered, or completely prevented in some cases, its operation which has led to significant reductions in turnover that they have also forced major adjustments in the workforce of companies with the consequent social repercussions.

In this way it was come to the trinomial, health crisis ---  economic crisis ---  social crisis, all of them closely interrelated that have been, and continue to be, a serious problem very difficult to manage. We’ve all been very critical with pandemic management, me the first of all, but it is fair to say that it is a balance game that is not easy to stand out well. However, consistency in decision-making is required if one does not want to all into general disorientation. It is always enforceable, but much more in situations like this one that requires significant sacrifices from all the citizens.

By the way, the require for sacrifices to citizens and companies has been higher in other countries but the Government supports for direct aid that has hardly existed here has given them an enviable capacity for resistant in the eyes of those which here we have had to go as far as we could, with a lot of effort and solidarity among all.

What was originally a breath of hope, vaccines, has come true despite the mess caused in its supply. Nevertheless, the protection of part of society is beginning to be effective and we must hope that in a few months a large number of people will be vaccinated and we can recover the signs of identity of daily life, both family and work, and in leisure. In short, regain full freedom to do as we had before.

Recovery, this is also the key word for companies today. The recovery of the activity to place it at the level of the last exercises. If FORCADELL was able to emerge stronger from the previous major crises (the oil crisis, the technology crisis and the most recent real estate crisis), it is now renewing the challenge with the total conviction that it will be achieve. Todays’ difficulties are tomorrow’s opportunities. The spirit of overcoming that has always driven us will now grow even stronger in the coming years.

The confinement, and others measures that have followed it, have tested the know-how of or Company in different ways, but it is necessary to emphasize the optimal answer of the communication system that has allowed to keep all the services at the full disposal of our customers.

The crisis has put telecommuting in the spotlight. It is not new, but the situation has certainly give it a boost. It is time to analyse to know within the Company, in which activities it is applicable and to what extent. Teaming up in marketing tasks is critical to collective performance. But above all, in this too, when making a decision, one must think of customer service that cannot be underestimated, on the opposite side, exalted as much as possible.

During this time, the term “new normal” became popular to name a situation full of limitations and forced resignations. It is only acceptable as a parenthesis because all of us want to return, as soon as possible, to true normalcy, that of total freedom of movement and relationship that we enjoyed before. The upheaval in society is waning and the return to normal life is approaching. Companies need to work fully, without conditions that prevent us from giving the best of each. In FORCADELL, as before, we want to continue to make professionalism our flag; of the spirit of individual and collective improvement in our future and of the search for more added value by customers, our inalienable goal.



Health for everyone.


Presidente i Consejereo Delegado


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